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Material for construction

We market products for construction.


Hydraulic cement very durable and resistant

Ceramic glue

Cement for ceramics / tiles

Liquid paint

For indoor and outdoor, resistant to damp environments

Wooden logs

Slices, logs and boards with different finishes and a thousand possible uses.


Pine trees | Teak | Samán | Raft | Mahogany. Different quality and finishes.


Export pallets We comply with the NIMF-15 regulation.


For the home and offices. High quality details.

The purpose of our plantations is to produce quality wood and the purpose of that wood is to end up in a product. Wood should be used whenever possible because it is the most environmentally friendly material and while in continuous use it stores the absorbed CO². Using wood is not bad, but on the contrary, the problem arises in the origin of that wood, so our wood comes from plantations, planted forests where they did not exist before, with the aim of producing wood, using it and replanting.

Preserving our planet is our focus, caring for, maintaining and providing material for future generations are our motivation.

We are committed to taking care of our planet, because we are part of it and everything that happens in it affects us. We will always take into account that we must take care of the place where we live, where our family, friends and all living beings live, because we are part of the environment.


To be the leading company in segments of the economy and commerce, with the best quality standards, preservation of the environment and offer a good service.

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About us

We are a pro-life company, we take care of and protect the environment. Keep our market satisfied and grow together as good commercial allies, committed to our planet.

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